Our primary service areas are Manayunk, East Falls, Roxborough, Andorra,  Merion Station, and Bala Cynwyd, but please feel free to call if your area is not listed to see if we can accommodate you.

By allowing your pets to stay in the comfort of their own home and surroundings you will minimize the emotional stress on your pet during your absence. Your pet will be kept on a familiar routine and given individual attention. They can sleep in their own bed, eat from their own bowl and watch over their neighborhood too.

Visits include everything your pet needs to keep them safe, happy and engaged. This would include a walk, playtime, fresh water and of course lots of love and affection. During our meet and greet we work with you to set up a personalized pet care plan.

During our initial visit we will discuss with you how many visits a day would be best for your pet. Normal pet visits are between 8am and 7pm.

The security of your home and pets is our top priority. As a free additional service we bring in your mail, newspaper, packages and rotate lighting giving your home the appearance it is occupied.

When you complete your client profile we gather contact information, including your designated emergency contact. If you are unreachable and your emergency contact is not responding to our phone calls, it is our responsibility to seek care for your pet or secure your home. If a vet visit is necessary, we will take your pet to your regular vet. If your regular vet’s office is closed, we will take your pet to a nearby 24-hour emergency veterinary.

Living here you already know we have our fair share of extremes regarding weather. From extreme heat and humidity, to snow, ice and flooding and even the occasional tornado. We do our best to complete all scheduled visits keeping in mind the safety of everyone.

We want your time away to be worry-free. Every visit to your home is documented in your Time To Pet profile with pictures and a report of how the visit went. 

All payments are collected securely in Time To Pet. Automated withdrawals are taken on Fridays. You are always welcome to add an additional tip to your walker to let them know what a wonderful job they are doing!

Payment is due at the time of service. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

You are able to cancel your visit by 3pm the day before your visit and only be charged for half of the visit. If you cancel after 3pm the day before your visit you will be charged full price.

We require that you place two tested keys in your lock box to prevent lockouts. If a key does not work or your sitter locks themselves out they need immediate access to your home to care for your pets. If they are locked out because only one key was placed in the lock box and something happened to it, they will contact a locksmith and you will be charged the lockout fee. Please have all keys provided if there are multiple locks on the door.

We are a very dedicated team of professionals who have all been background checked. We are licensed and insured also. If your primary walker is unable to come we will have another employee come to your house. This is why it is important to provide all the information in your TTP profile about your pet and house readily available.